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WP8 – Ethics

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The development of autonomous systems, particularly resilient ones, raises various ethical dilemmas from the initial stages of research and development to their use in society.

Ethical dilemmas surrounding algorithmic systems (AI, robotics) are diverse and complex, encompassing issues such as safety, human dignity, well-being, autonomy, surveillance, bias, privacy, technocracy, and responsibility.

The theme of autonomous vehicles raises questions about safety, responsibility, and individual autonomy. The theme of agricultural robots raises ethical concerns regarding access to technological progress, well-being in the workplace, data confidentiality, and technostress.

Researchers must consider these ethical questions, and ethical reflection should not solely focus on the consequences of the autonomous systems created after the fact.

Within WP8, a team of three researchers specializing in Social and Human Sciences (SHS) is dedicated to exploring ethical decision-making within the research process. The aim of this research is to identify when ethical questions arise, how they are addressed, and to what extent they are taken into account. A qualitative methodology based on observations of ROBSYS teams and interviews is being considered to conduct this research.

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